The SouthCentral Bike Fest – 2022

Friday’s Bike Fest is off to a good start with quite a few bikers dropping by to enjoy the bike and car show, a host of vendors. some great food, and a superb band! Tomorrow promises to be even better! Here are a few pictures…

Who We Are…

The SouthCentral Bike Fest is not the first event to be held for bikers here in Chase City, Virginia. For many years this event was called The SouthCentral Bike Fair and was sponsored and overseen by the Chase City Volunteer Fire Department. In 2016, the Fire Department decided not to continue the Bike Fair for understandable reasons.

A group of local motorcycle enthusiasts wanted to see this event continue. With an eye towards providing a weekend dedicated to motorcycle riders and others who enjoy the friendship, camaraderie and just plain fun that accompanies the event, a group came together to continue the tradition! Notice we changed the name to the SouthCentral Bike Fest instead of SouthCentral Bike Fair indicating a new Bike Event, managed by a new group of people. A new steering committee was formed and will continue to work diligently to see that this is an annual event, one that will improve over time using suggestions from people just like you!  For bikers, by bikers!

You can visit us on Facebook at:

…and pictures from previous seasons at:

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